Cabinet Features

You know the old saying. Compare apples with apples.


How much should a kitchen cost and how much should you spend?

This will depend on what you are trying to achieve. For example, you wouldn't want to put a $30k kitchen into a $350k house you are going to rent to strangers, or a $6k kitchen in a $5m home on the beach. The rule of thumb is between 2 and 3 percent of the property value. If you plan to stay in your home long term and the budget allows, then spoil yourself with some upmarket features.

How long does a kitchen last?

If you look after your kitchen, there is no reason why it won't last a lifetime. I recently had the opportunity to see a kitchen I built in 1993. Apart from the timber edge tops that were a bit out dated, the Tas Blackwood doors and cabinets looked like they were installed yesterday. If  the tops were replaced with stone it would pass off as a new kitchen. The Blum hardware still operated perfectly and the doors were still in adjustment.

Generally a lot of kitchens are replaced between 10 and 15 years. By this time the colours may be a bit dated and the appliances aren't working the same as when new.

Always use non-abrasive cleaners on laminates and 2pac, "Marveer or O'Cedar oil" on timber doors. If you notice any water leaks around the sink, fix it ASAP.

So why choose us?


I started my cabinetmaking apprenticeship in 1981, building solid timber bedroom and custombuilt furniture. In 1992, I moved into the kitchen sector working for a respected bayside manufacturer where custom built kitchens were install to many upmarket homes in Brisbane. In 1997, I ventured off to start my own business. called Wayne Nipperess Cabinetmaking, and today I still proudly work under my own name. January 2013 I registered the business name Custom Built Kitchens to market ourselves better in the kitchen industry.


  • I build true custombuilt kichens with all cabinets are made to the exact size required. 
  • I will build the kitchen the way you want it.
  • I am not controlled by standard size cabinets and angles are not a problem. If you have an angle wall, I will build an angle cabinet, not push two straight cabinets together and leave a massive void.
  • Postformed (rolled) tops on breakfast bars are rolled both sides and on ends.
  • Kitchen overheads have matching board underneath on timber and 2pac versions. eg: if you have black 2pac doors, the underside of the overheads will be 2pac black and not white melamine that the carcasses (internal cabinets) are constructed from.
  • All materials are sourced from local suppliers.
  • Everything is cut on the latest CNC machinery for perfect finishes everytime.
  • Internal cabinetry all have 1mm pvc edge strips and 16mm solid backs
  • Laminate doors feature 2mm pvc edges for durability. This is available on the entire kitchen range. 1mm is used on gloss laminates as it gives a better appearance.
  • 2pac comes in gloss or satin in any colour and vinyl wrap and timber finishes also available.
  • All materials used are to Australian Standards.  
  • Blum hinges and Smooth brand soft close drawers are standard (Blumotion soft door close & Tandembox softclose drawers optional). Not only does Blum hardware come with a Lifetime replacement warranty, it stays in adjustment.
  • All screw heads fitted with matching colour caps.
  • Doors and drawers have plastic bumpers for quiet operation.
  • Cabinet bases/kickboards are of framed up solid construction.  
  • All my board comes from the major suppliers available to all cabinetmakers.
  • All board passes Australian standards for safe levels of Carcinogenic (cancer causing) Formaldehyde.


I can build in any custom features you like

 This client wanted a drawer for trays



Above we have Blum "boxing ring" ideal for behind doors or pantry inserts

 A neat pullout to sit under the rubbish bin



I will not lie to you to make a sale. If my manufacture time is out to six weeks, I won't tell you three weeks to make a sale and make excuses later.

What to avoid from other players in the market                                                                                                                  

It seems a few new players have come into the kitchen market who know little about kitchens. These are mass produced generic kitchens that don't measure up to my standards.  

  • Companies who supply a product only and then hand you off to sub-contractors for installation. If the salesman doesn't know how to build a kitchen and the company doesn't hold a license to install a kitchen, do you really want to let them in?
  • If you want 2pac, don't let them talk you out of it. More care is required during installation. If they don't have faith in their installers, why would you deal with them.
  • Watch out for high pressure sales tactics.
  • Companies that use standard height overheads because nothing looks worse than overheads that don't suit the ceiling height.
  • Companies that use standard cabinet depths. This is when eg: a benchtop is more than the standard 600mm in depth and the supplier uses standard cabinets by leaving a void behind it. This doesn't give the suitable fixing to the wall.
  • Plastic adjustable legs with clip on faces. The faces never fit neatly.
  • Companies that use cheap hardware. Open the cabinet door half way and push it in and out. Cheap ones will move up to 10mm. After a few months they will be out of adjustment which are not considered a warrantee issue.
  • If a company claims they have exclusive colours, then ask yourself where is it being shipped in from, and how good is it? eg: benchtops. A lot of these are imported with a roll only on one long edge, which means the back of your breakfast bar will be laminated square.
    Glass Splashbacks and gas cooktops
    All of our splashbacks exceed the installation requirement
    2Pac paint finishes
     2pac is a spray on paint finish just like a new car. It consists of a part A and is mixed with a part B hardener. Colour choices are virtually endless. Colours can be matched from paint charts and samples found at your local hardware or can be taken from a laminate sample chip. Colours aren't just limited to plain colours either. Metallics can also be done. Choices are available for gloss level also at no extra charge: Matt 10%, Satin 30%, Semi-gloss 60% and 100% full gloss.

      Postformed benchtops

I have been using Handyform for the supply of tops since 1997.

Below is  some specifications for their tops.

         Hydroban_tops_001.jpg Hydroban_tops_001.jpg (121.77 KB)

All of their tops are white melamine underneath, have anti-drip groove and can be rolled at any size (subject to laminate sheet sizes)

 Euro brand oven fitted in 2pac finish cabinets

Below. Euro oven fitted as underbench, slideout rangehood and ceramic cooktop.

Doors are gloss white laminate. Tops are rolled/postformed laminate.

Metallic Silver splashbacks on Desert Sand glass


 Smooth soft close drawers