Glass Splashbacks


* Beware of cheap imports.

* Our glass splashbacks are produced locally in Brisbane to Australian Standards.   

* It is a requirement for glass fitted behind a heat source or shower recess to be "Toughened" glass.

* We offer a wide range of colours. Colours are available in plain and metallic finishes, and can be matched from most colour charts, eg Dulux.

* We use "Starphire" glass which is true clear. Standard glass has a green appearance which can alter the chosen colour.


Colour choice is only limited to your imagination.


Above and below. Desert Sand glass painted metallic silver

The splashbacks below are painted in Cobblestone and look great with the routered face doors

Below is an example of custom green splashbacks

Below is an example of a metallic silver splashback

The splashbacks below are painted in "Chi" colour

Traditional splashbacks use plain glass. Below is another option to your finish

 This glass is called Desert Sand.

It is not a true clear like the Starfire glass therefore light colours can vary slightly from the colour chart.

It is recommended to use metallic colours for best effects.

This colour is called Red Hot. The tops are Caesarstone with 2 pac doors.